Gravity Forms Payment Plans

Gravity Forms is perhaps one of the most popular WordPress plugins for creating flexible forms on your WordPress powered website. Beyond creating basic forms such as a contact form, Gravity Forms allows you to create significantly more advanced forms with features for save & continue, conditional logics, custom fields, data routing, dynamic field values, payment processing and much more.

Gravity Forms makes it easy to create forms thanks to its intuitive interface. Enterprise businesses use it even from creating advanced forms to processing payments for appointment bookings, reservations and online course enrollments. Even a novice can get it right in several minutes.

For collecting payment with Gravity Forms, there are cases when you want to add installment payment as part of the options for your customers. For example, you have an expensive offering, like an appointment or online course that cost $2500. You can offer an installment payment option where the customer pays an upfront of $1000 and pay the balance in 3 monthly installments of $500 each.

The PayFlexi Installments Payment Add-on for Gravity Forms and Stripe allows you to set up installment payments options easily for your clients or users. The features of the plugin includes;

  • Accept one-time payment or installment payment from your customers.
  • Let customers customize plans within the limits that you set.
  • Set the minimum amount to enable for installment payment.
  • Set the minimum amount to enable for weekly or monthly installment payment.
  • Accept payments via your existing payment processor and get paid instantly.
  • Manage and view all payment schedules from your dedicated merchant dashboard.
  • Customers have access to dedicated dashboard for managing their payment schedules.

To get started with integrating PayFlexi Gravity Forms Installment Add-on, first create a business account on PayFlexi if you have not done so already. Here is the link to do so –

Next, download the plugin and install it on your existing WordPress and Gravity Forms website. I assumed that you have already installed and setup Gravity Forms.

Then click on Forms and Settings and select “PayFlexi”

After saving your settings, go to the form you want to add installment payment options on and set up your PayFlexi feed like normal in Gravity Forms.

Now your Gravity Forms is ready to accept pay in installments. Note that you can word the payment option however you like.

When your clients select “Pay in Installments (PayFlexi)”, it will take them to a checkout page where they select their upfront payment and schedules. Payments are automatically available on your Stripe dashboard or whatever payment gateway you have set up on PayFlexi.

You can monitor transactions and payments from your customers from a dedicated dashboard.

If you need help to set up your Gravity Forms integration with PayFlexi, you can reach out here.

Start offering payment plans today.

Increase sales and conversions by offering payment plans and flexible instalments to your customers.


Increase customer conversion and close more sales. Allow your customers to pay for products and services with customized layaway and instalment plans.

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