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Flexible payments infrastructure for your business

Increase customer conversion and close more sales. Allow your customers to pay for products and services with customized layaway and instalment plans.

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Succeed Like Our Merchants

Our merchants starts benefiting from day one of enabling their customers to Pay with PayFlexi.

Increased conversions & Sales Revenue

34% Avg

Increased conversions & Sales Revenue

Improved customer lifetime value

42% Avg

Improved customer lifetime value

Better customer experience and loyalty

28% Avg

Better customer experience and loyalty

An integrated suite of payment products

One platform that brings you all the flexible payment options you need to close more sales.

Customizable instalment plans

One-off payments

One-click (fast password-less) checkout

Bring your own payment gateway

Free storefronts with payment pages

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Built for every product and service

Whether you’re just starting out, and whatever industry your business is in, PayFlexi is built for that.


Not every customer has the cash up-front. Give your customers a way to pay over time. It's a win-win, every time.


Give business customers greater paying power by spliting high value invoices into several instalments.

Travel & Tourism

Let your customers start paying for their dream vacation on a convenient payment plan terms.


Give your attendees a way to reserve their tickets right away by offering a flexible payment plan.


Give your students a fully-customizable flexible payment option. Get pre-orders for your online courses.

Bookings & Appointments

Let your customers jump the queue by securing their bookings using flexible payment plans.

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Who partners with PayFlexi?

PayFlexi integrates with popular ecommerce solutions, platforms, and plugins so you can get started easily.

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Start accepting flexible payments in minutes with PayFlexi