Looking for a Skincare routine? Meet Natural Nigerian

A 100% female owned business that manufactures Natural Hair and Skin care products for Women, Men and Children. Their products are inspired by beauty, sourced from nature and backed by science – naturalnigerian.com

Looking for a Skincare routine? Meet Natural Nigerian
Tuesday 3rd, November 2020

Natural Nigerian is a 100% female owned business. Owned and run by a qualified chemist, Natural Nigerian has been instrumental in building the Natural community in Nigeria.

Natural Nigerian is a manufacturer of Natural Hair and Skin care products for Women, Men and Children. They are committed to the use of Naturally Derived ingredients alongside proven safe synthetics which are certified by a trusted body like Ecocert or COSMOS.

Curly Hair
Getting your skincare product without breaking the bank

Yes, beauty products can be expensive… But they are an investment for your health. Paying in instalment over time can pay off! By getting the products you need, you can avoid the negative effects of the hot summer sun; breakouts, sun burns, smeared eyeliner, and melted foundation. 

PayFlexi has partnered with Natural Nigerian to make it easy to get your beauty routine started. With PayFlexi, you don’t need to pay the full amount on your cart at once. You can now pay in instalment over an 8 weeks or 2 months period with 0% interest

Beautiful skin should not be exclusive to how much money is in your bank account. By making small deposits everyday, you could save enough in time to buy the products your need and start your new beauty regimen.


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